I’ve never been in an earthquake, but I’ve heard I’m supposed to stand in a door frame when one starts. But what about when you can’t get to a door? How can you possibly stay protected while you’re snoozing, for example? How about a bed that swallows you – yes, literally swallows you – to keep you protected from the building that’s collapsing around you?

That’s what this above video proposes, and it actually seems pretty serious, like it might actually work. There are various beds, one that pulls you right into it, one that creates a sort of tent above you, and a couple of other designs. The idea is that, when the building presumably comes crashing down, you’re protected in a metal cube of sorts, complete with water, food and medical supplies to tide you over while rescue is on the way.

I dig the idea, I’m just terribly afraid that this would accidentally activate itself – swallowing me in the middle of a regular Tuesday night.