Moher 3, the breeding pit of insanely dedicated Earthbound fans, is once again organizing to petition Nintendo for an official release of the Game Boy Advance JRPG, Mother 3. Long has the fanbase been at odds with the company, but now it sees the timing as perfect for making a Herculean push to finally get this done.

Why is the timing better than ever? Several reason… Mother 3's hero Lucas stars again in Super Smash Bros., and he even has an amiibo available for sale in the States. is also pointing towards the release of Mother 3 on the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan, and the release of Earthbound Beginnings in North America.

The push is apparently all or nothing this time. is rousing the troops, calling for any and all to spam the Miiverse with tasteful and quality Earthbound fan art, demanding that Nintendo release the game properly in North America.

With the amount of tussling and tumbling the two parties have gone through over the years, you would expect that Mother 3 is one of the greatest games ever made. I mean, who would want to fight this much over anything less than the Holy Grail of video games itself?

Well, you wouldn't be wrong. I have played Mother 3 through more unsavory channels, a la the flawless fan-translation, and it is among the best games created for the Game Boy Advance platform. I would even call it one of the greatest JRPGs ever made, but I don't think it has been appreciated by enough people to label it that yet.

So, go ahead and push. I know Nintendo is going to stonewall like it always does because that's just the way this relationship works. Nintendo turns a cold shoulder and a blind eye to all the goings on, allowing Earthbound fans to have their illegal fun, and gets to look like the rabble rousing heroes of the Internet once again.

I mean, do you really think Nintendo doesn't see a group of fans making their own Mother 4 and treading all over its trademark?