Earthbound Giygas

Nintendo has many mysterious and illogical ways of thinking at times, for better or for worse, and one of the more puzzling streams of logic is why the company avoids the cult favorite Earthbound series like the plague. It took a decade and a half of begging on the Internet to get the company to finally acknowledge and release the game on Virtual Console, but its seeming mission to quash the series still continues to this day.

Destructoid's video podcast S'up Holmes sat down for a chat with Marcus Lindblom, the man behind the game's localization and translation. In the interview, he discusses how he would like to see another game be made and his displeasure with some areas of his final product.

The most revealing part of the interview comes when he says he was actually planning last summer to write a memoir on the game's localization period, which would have been a fascinating read and important part of gaming history. However, the book is never going to happen because Nintendo asked him not to write it.

Of course, the company isn't always fond of other people profiting on their properties, so it could be that it simply doesn't want a writer to sell a book about Earthbound. That could always be the case, and I could happily accept that if Nintendo didn't have such a stained history of shunning the series.

Give the interview a listen if you like. Lindblom also talks about his work on Destroy All Humans and Halo 4, and he isn't exactly shy about his disapproval of AAA video games and the review scores they automatically get.