Hey Earthbound fans, or Mother fans if you like the Japanese title! Still think that Nintendo wants nothing to do you with you? The original Mother, released only in Japan on the Famicom, has been patched up and brought to the Wii U Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings. Nintendo made the announcement at the Nintendo World Championships, and the game will be live in less than two hours.

No word on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console yet, but I'll take what I can get!

This is the first time fans can legitimately enjoy the prequel to the beloved Super Nintendo RPG Earthbound. For years, the emuation scene knew the game as Earthbound Zero, so Nintendo naturally couldn't go with that name. Fan translations and patches to adjust the unfair difficulty curve have been available for a while, but Nintendo had been mum on ever releasing it up until now.

It's not yet known if Nintendo tweaked the difficulty curve in this official version or not, but the fan patch definitely makes it a more playable game.

Nintendo delivering this goodwill release is just one of many nods towards the Earthbound fanbase Nintendo has given. Of course, Earthbound was released on the Wii U Virtual Console two years ago to widespread praise, and Nintendo actually delivered on the Lucas amiibo despite Mother 3 never releasing in the States. It's also happily turning a blind eye to the indie team developing Mother 4.

It would seem that all we are missing out on is the Game Boy Advance release of Mother 3, but with how Nintendo has turned its attitude as of late to actually acknowledging that Earthbound exists… who knows? The Game Boy Advance emulation on the Virtual Console is the absolute best Nintendo has ever turned out.

Earthbound Beginnings will be available at 6PM PST. Be sure to check into the Wii U eShop at that time.