The giant ants are returning! D3 Publisher has accidentally leaked a few of its announcements expected to be made at Tokyo Game Show 2016 next week, and the most high profile title of the bunch is another entry in the Earth Defense Force series.

For those who have yet to play these games, imagine a third-person shooter boiled down to its most simplistic mechanics, and then equip the central character up with insanely destructive weapons to do battle against an army of giant ants, spiders, mechanical dinosaurs, and other beasts from your wildest dreams. The cheese never stops flowing in the Earth Defense Force games.

I still believe that the Xbox 360 game, Earth Defense Force 2017, is the best of the lot. Something felt lost in the transition to its sequel, Earth Defense Force 2025, but other fans of the series don’t entirely agree. Either way, they are the most stupidly fun times you’ll have in a video game, and I can’t wait to see how the ants look while powered by the PlayStation 4.

The leak also includes comparatively negligible titles like Idol Death Game TV, Happy Manager, and SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter. Giant ants, that’s all there is to see here.