It seems no matter the size of the threat or how many limbs it has, the EDF is always ready to defend Earth from the most vile of enemy invaders. Earth Defense Force 2017 and Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon both proved that simple and fun shooting mechanics are OK, just as long as you have something ridiculously fun to shoot at, be it Japanese apartment buildings or an infestation of giant acid-spitting ants.

Now, a fifth game is in the works and the series' antagonists, the Ravagers, will be rising from the center of the the planet in Earth Defense Force 4 as confirmed in Famitsu. The game will be released sometime next year for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it will allow online co-op support.

Just to clear up any numbering confusion, two games in the series were released for the PlayStation 2 but never released in America. Earth Defense Force 3 came to America as Earth Defense Force 2017, a budget title for the Xbox 360. The fourth game was developed in the west and fell out of the numerical system, subtitled Insect Armageddon in both America and Japan, leaving Earth Defense Force 4 to actually be the fifth game in the series. No word on what the American title will be called yet, should it be brought over.

A PlayStation Vita port of Earth Defense Force 2017 is also in the works, allowing for co-op support not found in the original console counterpart.

We're big fans of the Earth Defense Force series and its campy B-movie shticks around here, so you can bet we'll keep up to speed on this one. More to come

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