What a better way to launch Earth Defense Force 2025? We already know about the giant ants, spiders, bees, dragons, robots and dinosaurs, but it’s so easy to forget about that last element of the battlefield which always seems to get stuck in the middle.

The buildings. The poor buildings

The Earth Defense Force series is infamous for its cheap structure, and that extends to the architecture within the games. Innocent buildings crumble under the power of explosive weaponry with each wayward rocket. Entire cities can be left in ruin after mere minutes. Only you can help.

Taking the guise of a horrible 1990s 1-800 commercial, D3 Publishers merely asks for a $49.99 donation to help save the buildings. Little does it know that you are going to be playing a huge part in their destruction if you get your hands on Earth Defense Force 2025.

Sandwiching the main trailer are several other hilarious little quips and fake commercials that almost make me wish Sandlot included a movie maker in the game, like Halo‘s Forge mode.

In its launch presser, D3 announced everything which has been improved over the previous game.

  • 80+ missions
  • 4-player online multiplayer mode
  • Exclusive online multiplayer mode missions
  • 700+ weapons
  • 4 different character classes, including a sure-to-be-favorite, Wing Diver
  • Local Versus Mode
  • New enemies, including a fire-breathing dragon

Earth Defense Force 2025 is looking just as polarizing as the last game. Some love it and others hate it. Some get the silly humor and cheap shooting, some take their gaming too seriously to give it the time of day. I already know what camp I fall into without even playing it. My copy has already shipped and is on the way by snail mail. You can expect my thoughts in the coming week. Keep an eye out.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is now live on PlayStation 3, and it will also be released for the Xbox 360. EDF! EDF!

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