Earth Defense Force 2025 Arsenal (17)

2017 – The year the Earth Defense Force saved us from annihilation at the hands of the Ravagers, an alien invader that employed giant ants as its front line soldiers.

2025 – The year the EDF will have to do it again.

Fans of Sandlot’s ridiculous budget shooter, 

Earth Defense Force 2017

, will be more than pleased to know that D3 Publisher has confirmed an American release for the official sequel. Under the moniker of

Earth Defense Force 2025

, the sequel will see the return of the Ravagers as they spew from a base hidden deep within the Earth’s core. With no way home and nothing but the thought of revenge on those who defeated them, it’s a war with the risk of total annihilation once again.

Only this time, the forces of Earth seem much more well equipped to handle the situation. Accompanying traditional foot soldiers into battle will be the return of Jet Pack soldiers, found in the PlayStation 2 game not released in America, and a hefty arsenal of other vehicles including motorbikes, mech armor suits, APCs, and new helicopters. Check out the new digs in the gallery below.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Screenshot Gallery

The EDF and Sandlot are not especially known for the intuitive controls of their vehicles, so only time will tell if these additions will actually help in repelling the hordes of enemies. If the equipment resembles anything like that of the original, be sure to spam turret guns as frequently as possible and hide for cover behind your squad. These games are tough at higher levels of play.

Luckily, other human players will be more readily available to tackle those last impossible missions. Earth Defense Force 2025 will be the first of Sandlot’s consoles games to feature four player online co-op. They have also implemented online play in the PS Vita port of Earth Defense Force 2017, which has been confirmed for an American release, too.

Earth Defense Force 2025 will drop some time in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Pricing has not been announced, but expect it to launch at a budget cost. That’s the beauty of this series, great fun for a fraction of the price.

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