EDF! EDF! EDF! Hordes of raging ants are attacking the planet once again in Earth Defense Force 2025, and only the planet’s mightiest fighting force can put an end to their reign of terror. Enlist to fight back the alien scum next February, and put down the over-sized bugs once and for all in the latest cheeseball game from Sandlot and D3 Publisher’s popular cult series.

Pre-orders through GameStop unlock exclusive weapons like explosive inflatable balloon women and a gold-plated flamethrower which also allows flight.

Not only will the game come with free pre-order bonuses, but more weapons will be made available through DLC packages. Fans have been wondering if these weapons would remaining exclusive to Japan, but Product Manager Kaori Takasue has confirmed that all content will be available internationally.

Further special weapons include:

The Fencer Weapons Pack
  • Ifrit — A cannon that launches rockets that will separate and disperse over the sea. Each rocket is equipped with multiple incendiary bombs that will ignite upon contact, causing massive damage.
  • Blood Storm — A powerful cannon that will separate midair and rain down on the enemy’s head and inflict damage on an entire area.
The Wing Diver Weapons Pack
  • Reflectron Laser — A special laser that fires in two directions and can even shoot through narrow passageways. It’s an effective weapon with giant insects, as it can maximize range without obstruction.
  • Gleipnir — This super weapon silently discharges balls of energy with the ability to launch continuous attacks. Only Wing Divers can use this weapon, as it requires the Psionic Link.
The Ranger Weapons Pack
  • Volatile Napalm — A military grade discharge device that sets everything ablaze and damages the target and surrounding areas.
  • Pure Decoy Launcher (Mian) — a weapon that distracts the enemy by discharging a large balloon that takes the shape of an attractive female, but the enemies will meet their fate when the balloon unexpectedly self destructs, destroying everything in its vicinity.

As fans of the series know, a large majority of weapons will be unlocked the old fashioned way: by blowing away aliens and picking them up as they drop. Earth Defense Force 2025 features over 700 unique weapons to find, so start hunting when the game launches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February.

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