D3 Publisher's is bringing its maniac vision of giant ant slaughter to the palm of your hand on the PlayStation Vita.  We've already discussed the unfathomable brilliance of Earth Defense Force 2017 here on TechnoBuffalo, and it seems we're not alone in our love of this cheesy B-movie sci-fi shooter.

Released under D3's Simple Series budget line back in 2006, the $30 game found a strong following  based around exactly what its budget roots would imply: simple yet solid shooting mechanics.  Players control a common foot soldier, Storm-1, as he leads his comrades-in-arms through a planet-wide war against a race of invading aliens and their gargantuan six legged pets raining from the skies.  EDF features 53 missions of fully destructible Japanese cities, over 170 distinct guns, and a delightfully simple item and health collecting system which always begs for just one more mission of grinding.

The "improved" sequel released last year, Earth Defense Force 2017: Insect Armageddon, added many layers of character customization and mission structures, but failed to grasp the bare bones simplicity that made the original Xbox 360 title avoid the label of "just another shooter…with giant ants"

The recently released trailer shows D3 will faithfully recreate the blocky models and general feel of the game while finally adding four-player wireless multiplayer, a much needed addition missing from the original.

Nobody knows how to make treasure out of garbage like D3 publishers, and Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is a clear spit in the face of the big budget monstrosity video game development has become.  Not only is it more fun than a large number of $100 million shooters out there, but it took a mere fraction of the price to develop, and dropping skyscrapers on an army of charging giant ants is infinitely more satisfying than fighting just another round of terrorists or Russian segregationists.

No release date is set for American shores, but the game will be hitting Japan this Autumn.