galaxy note 4 screen gap

Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus isn’t the only phone receiving criticism for its design. A number of early Galaxy Note 4 owners in South Korea have reported issues with the device’s screen, which apparently doesn’t sit flush with the bezel. It’s not quite a bending phone, but this could leave the device open to a whole host of future issues, not least of which an unsightly collection of dust and dirt.

The space is apparently about the size of a credit card (as shown in the above pictures), leaving the device a bit compromised. If water sneaks in, it could lead to future light bleed issues with the screen. The actual functionality of the device is still intact, but for those who put a premium on design, it could be a maddening issue, especially if dust and other materials begins to collect.

Samsung is allegedly aware of customer complaints, though a Samsung representatives didn’t indicate what the company plans to do about it; the device is still available to purchase in South Korea. It’s unclear if a small number of the devices were just poorly made, or if the screen gap was indeed a conscious choice on Samsung’s part. The Note 4 is set to launch in October here in the U.S., so we’ll see if Samsung implements a fix by then.

While the iPhone 6 Plus is susceptible to bending, one of the coolest things about the device’s design is the way the screen curves slightly over the edges. The Note 4’s screen gap issue might not necessarily be a big deal to some, but it would be unfortunate if something as small as that held back the device’s launch.

As we know, Samsung is pretty freaked by the success of Apple’s new iPhones, so the Korean company will want as smooth of a launch as possible for the Galaxy Note 4.