Mirror’s Edge Catalyst could finally be returning to the headlines this week, far too long after its E3 appearances. Faith’s grand return to the video game scene is sooner than you might think, and we have seen very little of the elusive heroine in recent months.

EA has teased big news this week in the form of a Twitter post, warning its fans to “stay alert this week” because “Faith is returning.”

Chances are, we’ll be seeing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst appear on the cover of a major publication next month, most likely GameInformer. Other guesses are a new trailer and screenshots, but hopefully not another delay.

The reboot of the 2008 cult-hit is scheduled to be released on May 24 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For such a close release, marketing for this game has been surprisingly sparse. Expect that to pick up in the next month or two, probably starting with this next reveal from EA.