A few years ago, EA dipped their toes into the water of digitial distribution by opening up Origin. Origin is an online marketplace and platform for computer-based gaming. It’s a lot like Steam, though most gamers swear that Origin is one of the worst gaming platforms running today.

Origin, in a lot of ways, feels like EA’s answer to another exceptionally popular and well managed online platform. I’m referring to Valve’s Steam. Steam, unlike EA’s attempt, is loved by gamers. It hosts a few massive sales a year, provides strong customer service and is extremely accessible.

Apparently, EA has wanted in on Valve’s company and gaming marketplace for a long time.

In speaking with the New York Times, Valve’s Gabe Newell explained that EA has been offering to buy Valve “over the years.”

Don’t fret, Gabe Newell explained that the company would sooner “disintegrate” than be sold to a company like EA.

“It’s way more likely we would head in that direction than say, ‘Let’s find some giant company that wants to cash us out and wait two or three years to have our employment agreements terminate…'”

What would the gaming world be like if EA owned Valve and, by extension, Steam?

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