Xbox One - 2013 - EA - Four New Games

Andrew Wilson from EA on Tuesday introduced the next wave of Sports titles from the developer, including FIFA 14, Madden 25, NBA Live 14 and a new UFC. The company said an all new engine, EA Sports Ignite, will power the titles, and provide a more human-like experience than ever before.

With the new engine, Ignite will demonstrate better athletic motion, better AI and a more immersive stadium experience—all this feeds off each other, too. Wilson said Ignite provides 10 times more animation depth and detail compared to what's out there today. This not only translates to better athlete movement, but 3D crowds and dynamic sidelines.

The company showed off a video of athletes talking about how they approach their respective sport, and EA talked about how the company wants to best represent that experience. Not just from a player's perspective, but from an athlete's.