Star Wars Battlefront launched this week to above-average reception, but this is far from the end of us seeing of LucasFilm’s universe in video game form. EA has a ten-year deal with the Star Wars license! You best believe that it will be taking full advantage of that time frame.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen gave a speech at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco this week to discuss the launch and delved a bit into the company’s plans for its next several years of Star Wars.

“Our goal is to make future Battlefront games as well as other style games around the Star Wars franchise, both on mobile as well as console and PC. It’s a huge opportunity for us.”

In addition to the Battlefront games, fans are also anticipating the mysterious Star Wars game from Dead Space studio Visceral Games and Uncharted writer Amy Hennig.

EA landing the Star Wars license must have originally stirred up some foul memories for gamers who were alive in the PlayStation 2 days, back when EA made bank on crummy movie tie-ins. However, the company has thankfully put that division out of its misery, and Jorgensen promises not to make any games directly related to the upcoming movies.

“We get access to all of the historical content as well as all the new content developed. The beauty of theStar Wars franchise is it’s almost unlimited in what you can do with it. We know Disney has done a great job with other franchises and we believe they’ll do the same with Star Warsover time in delivering new worlds, new characters, new vehicles, all the things that make great video games. Our goal is not to make video games directly about the movies, it’s to use the IP in the movie to make great, exciting games.

You can’t do something counter to Star Wars and that’s fine with us because I think that’s why people love Star Wars…”

I’m on board. Battlefront doesn’t really seem like my thing since I’m not into multiplayer games, but I like Dead Space and I liked Uncharted’s writing at least. Show me more of that one, EA!