Earlier this week, EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke at length about the current status of BioWare, Mass Effect and their new IP. That new IP, which we know nothing about, was officially delayed.

Some assertions around the internet have been that the delay of the new IP came as a reaction to the mixed reception to Mass Effect: Andromeda. That is, the new Mass Effect sent BioWare and EA reeling, so they decided to rein in development on this new IP and take a little longer with it.

Wilson told investors that the delay of the new IP is not connected to Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s performance. Here he is to investors per Gamespot.

“The choice to move the new IP and what happened with Mass Effect [Andromeda]are completely unrelated… The reality is, we have a creative process–as a company, creativity and pioneering is really important for us. Innovation in games is important more now than ever, and as a leader in the industry, we see it as our responsibility to innovate.

“As part of our creative process–and I get to be involved in that creative process–we recognized that there was so much more opportunity in a connective, networked, social world to do some things in the new BioWare game that had never been done before, and [that] we don’t think anyone is going to do anytime soon. But by virtue of our network, our cross-platform presence, and our scale, we think we can do that. And we chose to give the team some more time to deliver against that innovation because we believe players are looking for the kinds of things that we plan to put into that game.”

Fair, but that’s not what the optics say

Consumers who inhale every bit of gaming news obviously see the connection to the performance of Mass Effect and the decision to delay whatever this new IP is. That’s sort of unavoidable.

The good news for EA? I’m not sure people will remember or the mainstream will care in the long run.