EA Partners

According to multiple unnamed sources at Game Informer, EA will be closing down its Partners label. EA has used this program since 2009 to co-publish third party games with other developers. Games like Crysis, Bulletstorm, SyndicateShadows of the Damned, and Brutal Legend have been produced over the years.

Currently, the most high profile project in the works is Insomniac's third-person shooter Fuse, but the closure is not expected to affect the May release date. Respawn Entertainment also has an unannounced project under the label which will not be affected.

The report comes at a time when EA has been cutting down on unneeded studios, like their mobile focused Montreal studio, and streamlining its business to run more efficiently.

It's a real shame because EA Partners was creating the most exciting and original content to come from EA for quite some time. None of the listed games from veteran developers ever generated that much cash flow, so it was only a matter of time before EA cut the line. In fact, tossing aside the talented guys who make original content with you is probably the best possible way to land you the title of Worst Company in America for a third year in a row.

Keep it up if you want the award that badly, EA. You're off to a good start already.