All the big publishers are getting their E3 plans lined up, and now we have a precise time and date for EA’s own show, which will precede everything else currently scheduled. The EA Play 2017 “all-new broadcast experience” begins on June 10 at 12:00pm Pacific.

At the show, we can expect to see games like Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed, and every EA Sports game you can imagine, along with some unannounced stuff.

It’s more than a live show

In addition to the live show we’ll all be able to watch, EA will have a space in Los Angeles for people to get hands on with the games, where YouTubers and the like will be able to capture and stream gameplay, so we can expect to see tons of footage from whatever EA has playable following the event.

E3 begins on June 13 and runs through June 15. After EA’s show on Saturday, Microsoft and Bethesda have presentations on Sunday, June 11, and Sony and Ubisoft are set to do their shows on Monday, June 12. It makes for a longer show, but maybe we’ll have time to digest some of this information for once, rather than being assaulted with it all in one day.