Over the last few years, EA has been slipping to pretty low depths when it comes to consumer trust in the PC gaming market. Thanks to botched launches like the above SimCity, this downward trend has been rolling for a while now. The game publisher and developer apparently aims to fix that problem.

MCV caught up with Peter O’Reilly, the Senior Marketing Director for Origin, after news hit that Origin Access was coming to the PC. Origin Access is a lot like EA Access on the Xbox One. Gamers pay a monthly fee and they get access to free older games as well as advance playtime for new ones.

Right, so, O’Reilly indicated that Origin Access on the PC is part of a larger plan to win back the PC gaming community.

“We are on a journey to regain the trust of the PC gamer…

…Over the last couple of years we have focused on ensuring a great play experience from launch and bringing players a better experience on Origin with programs like the Great Game Guarantee, On the House, and now Origin Access. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, but are always pushing ourselves to innovate on behalf of players.”

Will it work? We’ll see.