In EA’s Q4 2017 earnings call that went down yesterday, EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke a bit about the success of the Nintendo Switch and what his company intends to do now that the platform is flying high. Gaming Bolt reported that EA is “bullish” on the system, meaning they’re now more confident or assured by its success. They should be, the thing’s already approaching three million sold since it’s March 3, 2017, launch.

That bullish approach means that EA is excited about the platform, and they intend to make a few more games for it beyond FIFA 2018 due this fall. Wilson didn’t indicate which specific franchises would hit the Switch or what types of games they’re targeting for the platform, just that they’re excited.

What would you like to see from EA?

Personally? I’d love for the Nintendo Switch to offer unique experiences when compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Simple ports of pre-existing games or multiplatform launches of future titles won’t do it for me. I want to play something that I can only really enjoy on the Nintendo Switch.

The tricky nature of that idea is that EA could easily make something gimmicky that doesn’t work for the long run. That’s what they have to avoid. Don’t toss out any shovelware, okay? Please.