To gear up for Easter Weekend, EA is slashing prices on some of its most well known games on iOS, with some prices up to 90 percent off. If you're going to grandma's house on Sunday—I am—you might want to stock up to make the visit more endurable. Or, if anything, to finally try out Mirror's Edge for iPad even though it's been out for years.

CultOfMac has graciously compiled 55 of EA's iOS games that are currently only a buck, which is a steal for many of the titles listed. Really, it's about time we gave Angry Birds a rest. Find a new addiction; NBA Jam for iPad, or Dead Space for iPad, or even Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for iPad. There are iPhone/iPod touch counterparts, too, so don't feel left out here.

See something you like? My wallet doesn't, but I certainly do. Time to take Bop It! for iPad The Sims 3 for a spin.

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