E3? E3 was already crowded. There were sections of the show floor that were so densely packed with people on a regular basis that I personally had to plan routes to avoid them lest I become late for appointment after appointment. Being late to these appointments? Not a good thing.

To the press, professionals and consumers going to E3 this year: a warning. Be ready for a bigger crowd than you're used to. E3 opened up to the general public in 2017, and that meant selling passes to 15,000 consumers. Those 15,000 fresh faces will make the auditoriums and booths a lot more crowded.

The word comes from the official ESA Twitter account.

This was a smart way to generate revenue

Over the last few years, E3's seen a sort of exodus of large publishers from the halls. Activision, EA, Disney and more have decided they don't need their own booth space. That meant less money for the ESA, the group that puts on the conference.

Selling 15,000 more badges to consumers at $250 a pop after the early bird rate was a good way to recoup some of that lost revenue.

Are you going to E3 this year?