E3 is almost here, and so are the big press briefings from all the different publishers. Sony’s show is one of the most hotly anticipated thanks to the reputation Sony has developed this generation for having some of the best exclusive games in the business. We have a lot of hopes for the show; here’s what we think we’ll see and what we’re just crossing our fingers for. We know we’ll see stuff like Spider-Man and Days Gone, but what else is on tap?

What we’ll probably see

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima in action

Sony announced the latest game from developer Sucker Punch at Paris Games Week last fall. Their last game series, Infamous, gave us superpowers. The upcoming Ghost of Tsushima seems like it’s going to be a bit more grounded. Set in early feudal Japan, you’ll play a lone samurai fighting off invading Mongol hordes on Tsushima island. The game promises us we’ll learn to fight in ‘the way of the ghost,’ making us think the game might be covering the origins of ninja. Either way, we’ve only seen a trailer. We’re betting Sony is going to give us a long look at gameplay this year, hopefully with a promise of a release early next year.

Death Stranding gameplay will confuse us even more

Hideo Kojima has been coyly teasing us with Death Stranding since E3 2016. Two years and three weird trailers later, we’ll probably see it in action. And we’ll probably be even more confused. Despite having seen so many cutscenes, we still know very little about the story and virtually nothing about how the game works. Other than that there are “strands” and “death.” I guess?

PlayStation boss Shawn Layden has promised a deep dive into Death Stranding at this year’s show, and hopefully that doesn’t mean more cinematic cutscenes and more enigmatic speeches from Kojima.

From Software’s next game

We know developer From Software, the developer behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne, is working on something new. Sony and From revealed a quick shot of some creepy-looking stuff (I don’t even know what else to call it) at PSX this last winter. We don’t know if it’s a Bloodborne sequel or something new, but we’re going nuts wondering, and we’re pretty sure we’ll see whatever it is on stage at the show this year.

A release window for The Last of Us 2

We’ve been seeing this game in trailers for the last couple years, including a pretty lengthy story trailer at E3 last year.

The game was already well into development by that point, so we’re expecting to see the game front and center at Sony’s show with some idea of when it’ll come out. Sony keeps release dates pretty low key. God of War didn’t get a date until it was nearly finished. But we’re looking for Sony to give us some idea of when we can expect it.

What we want to see

Sony’s next exclusive

We know what Sony has in the works right now, and almost all of it is exciting – but we can’t help but be curious about what’s around the corner.  Will the next exclusive be something totally original like Horizon Zero Dawn? Or maybe one of the publisher’s older franchises will come back in a whole new light like God of War. Another remake like Shadow of the Colossus could be on the way, too. It’s not likely that we’ll get anything substantial in this vein – but we can hope.

A price drop for the PS4 Pro

With the Xbox One X going for $500 and sporting a ton more power, Sony has a chance to make some in-roads for the PS4 Pro with a price drop. The system isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One X, but it still makes games look and play great on the growing market of 4K televisions. A price drop would make spending a few extra bucks to get the Pro instead of the base PlayStation 4 a no-brainer.

A reason to dust off our PSVR headsets

We were really excited about virtual reality headsets a couple years ago, but the high price of entry has made developing big games specifically for VR a tough proposition. Sony has to lead the charge with some big, bombastic VR-only content that seems so exciting we can’t bear to miss out. As it is, there are lots of neat VR experiences but little that gives us the FOMO necessary to force us on board.

What we definitely won’t see

A new PlayStation/new hardware

Sony has straight-up said that we won’t get a look at a new PlayStation this year. The PlayStation 4’s lifecycle has another three years left in it according to Sony, which puts a new PlayStation at least a year out, and more likely two. Further, none of the “big three” game-console manufacturers actually debuted their current consoles at E3 – so don’t look for that to start now.

Our guesses and wishes will be laid out for us when Sony’s E3 2018 show kicks off on Monday, June 11, at 5:30PM PST.