As we slowly approach the week of E3 2017, viewers need to start blocking out their free time to get ready to watch the press conferences on deck. Figuring out when each show starts is usually an awkward combination of Googling and article scanning.

These schedules put all of that in a single infographic.

The first comes from the official E3 account on Twitter, and it's pretty useful.

Ready for the hilarious bit? I am.

If you follow the breadcrumb trail of replies to the tweet from the E3 account sharing the schedule, you'll see that someone else who's rather popular in the gaming sphere on Twitter created a schedule almost identical to the one shared by E3. Here's the work of Cheesemeister.

Yeah, some of us here at TechnoBuffalo think his version is better. It's the one we're using, and we think this is hilarious.

What are you looking forward to most from E3 2017?