The ESA, that’s the association that runs E3, has produced a trailer for its annual gaming convention. The irony isn’t lost on anyone, I assume. A show boasting hype trailers producing its own hype trailer? Come on.

The clip shows folks walking, talking, looking and wearing badges. Yes, I can confirm that these are all, in fact, things that happen at E3.

One has to wonder why the ESA needs to spend money marketing like this, though. Tons of other shows have reared up in recent years, sort of removing the need for companies to go all out at E3 exclusively. The Video Game Awards, PAX, BlizzCon, NYCC, etc. The point is, there are other places to announce gaming news these days. Maybe E3 isn’t quite the beauty it once was.

Or, maybe they decided now’s the time to try and sell that sweet, sweet booth space to exhibitors. I’ll go with the latter.

We’ll be at E3 this year, of course. We’re a ways off, but it should be a big one what with Nintendo’s NX making its debut.