E.X. Troopers is out in Japan this week, and Capcom still has yet to budge on releasing it in America. Here's one more groovy trailer to celebrate the occasion, but Capcom doesn't really dance anymore since losing its backbone.

Don't worry though. In this day and age where nothing goes unnoticed and the world is at our fingertips, maybe an import gem is just what the industry needs right now. A little mystery is good for the world, and down the road, it could be just like one of those Super Famicom games you read about on the Internet and wish you had played instead of Boogerman or whatever generic platformer was popular at the time.

If you want to jump ahead of the curve and play it right now, by all means. Amazon.jp has the region free PlayStation 3 version discounted 5,709 yen (roughly $60). The 3DS version will not play in your American device and will run your closer to $50. Japanese gamers really do get tossed around by the video game retailers in Japan.

You can also head over to yet another grassroots Facebook protest where 18 people are demanding this game be localized in English. 18 people isn't going to get it done, but  Timesplitters' has gotten the attention of its publishers when its own protest took off earlier this year. Who knows? What's it gonna take Capcom?

Check out our E.X. Trooper demo impressions if you want a better understanding of all the fuss over this tragically brushed aside diamond in the rough.

[via All Games Beta]