Dyson am01 table fan

Recently, Dyson was kind enough to send us their AM01 Air Multiplier Table Fan.  It arrived just in time for the summer months here in sunny Southern California, and we were looking forward to firing this baby up and bask in that bladeless air flow.

Opening up the box, the Air Multiplier comes in two pieces: the base/motor and the round "fan" portion just need to be attached together.  When I pulled out the base of the fan I got a glimpse of the guts of the device and was suddenly accepted into the secret society of those who understand how the Air Multiplier works.  Perhaps I was hoping for some advanced technology that pushed air through the fan like magnets or some sci-fi manipulation of gravity.  But looking into the motor at that moment and seeing the simplicity of this design, I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the computer fan-like motor that I found inside.  Nevertheless, being one of the few who now know how these fans push air into the air blades helped me retain the cool factor of having one of these sitting on my desk.

If there is one thing that Dyson always gets right it is that their products are so elegantly designed, and the Air Multiplier is no exception.  The light weight fan that is easy to move and carry around is extremely stable when placed on any surface due to the fact that most of the weight is on the base of the unit.  The smooth rounded surfaces and curvy good looks make this look more like a design accent for the room rather than a fan.  My only complaint was that the operating buttons were on the bottom of the unit, they would have been better placed near the top of the base portion of the fan.  There is an adjustable dial next to the on/off switch that allows you to control the intensity of the fan and there is also a button to turn on and off the oscillating function.

The airfoil shaped fan portion of the Air Multiplier does a good job of ushering an ample amount of air through the fan towards our sweaty brows.  It does take a foot or two to get a full cone of air together and moving in the same direction.  Put your face too close or put your arm through the circle and you will barely feel any air pressure.  Overall, I found the air pressure weaker than traditional fans of the same size, but it definitely has a more consistent feel to it like air coming out of an air conditioner.  Additionally, it has a bit more tranquil feeling than traditional fans.

Safety is also one of their main considerations and I had no problems letting my one-year-old play with this fan oscillating right in the middle of his playroom on the floor.  He had a grand old time running around it and hiding from the wind.  We even played peek-a-boo through the circle of the fan.  I would never do this with a traditional fan as my son's fingers are still small enough to reach through the grates of traditional fans.  Dyson really should be marketing these Air Multipliers as child safety items as parents are often willing to pay any amount of money to keep their kids safe.

The AM01 Air Multiplier Table Fan is currently selling for $199.99 on their website and at local retailers like Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Considering that traditional fans are a tenth of the cost, it is not easy to justify that difference with smooth air and child safety, but they definitely make it up with cool factor and being so aesthetically pleasant.  While a traditional fan will just make your room look more cluttered, this fan actually adds to the zen like atmosphere of your most important hideout.

Thanks to Danny Yao for the write-up.

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