Star Wars musou

There is a whole lot of Musou on the gaming collective mind thanks to the action sub-genre breaking out into other franchises. Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the other popular series developer Omega Drive would like to approach. We have our own suggestions, but if the team had the freedom to take any IP and give it the Musou treatment, what would it be?

Well, it's an obvious answer, because Omega Drive and parent company Koei Tecmo love revenue and profits, but for artistic reasons as well, the developers would choose Star Wars. Lead developer Akihiro Suzuki explains in an interview with Eurogamer:

"It's a personal opinion but I'd love to work with Star Wars one day, if I got the chance."

Hyrule Warriors producer Hisashi Koinuma chipped in to say that the team had discussed the idea casually, and everyone would like to get aboard.

"It feels like something that has definitely been discussed amongst team members — even if it was just down the pub."

So yes, like Telltale and pretty much every sensible developer in the world, Omega Drive would love to get their hands on the Star Wars franchise and put their unique spin on it. Makes sense too, because Star Wars is all about grand battles and multitudes of nameless troops being sent to the front lines for slaughter. It has a huge list of good and evil beings to make playable characters out of, and who wouldn't just love to see Han Solo pull off the crazy martial arts moves Musou characters are capable of.

Unfortunately, this dream game will never happen. EA holds exclusive publishing rights to Star Wars video games at the moment, and I don't think it wants an incredibly polarizing genre like the Musou games mucking up its image, nor does it want to share in a license with Koei Tecmo.

Plus, it already has Star Wars Battlefront in development, a game in which hundreds of nameless units get blown to smithereens on a battlefield. Almost the exact same thing! But, which would you rather play?