Maybe I’m officially old, I don’t know. Whatever the reason for it, I hate April Fools’ Day. It wasn’t always this way, but the constant train of relatively unfunny jokes from companies using the calendar to ignite their brand with humor made me salty over the years.

I say that not to spend an entire article complaining about lame April Fools’ pranks, but instead to tell you that one actually looks pretty darn cool. Techland has announced that it’ll push a physics patch into the world of Dying Light for the full 24 hours of April Fools’.

What does the patch do? You’ll see it in the video above. The gist is that a bad batch of Antizine, the stuff that keeps the survivors from turning into zombies, has a 24 hour side-effect that makes players exceptionally strong. That’s evidenced by the shots of our player punching and drop kicking zombies hundreds of feet and their explosion upon contact with other zombies or surfaces.

I imagine this patch will be available straight away, and I’m really hoping Techland let’s players toggle it on and off at will after April Fools’. It’s just so silly.