It was only a matter of time, I suppose. The ambitious zombie survival game Dying Light has been canceled for the previous generation consoles as developer Techland states that it wants to focus solely on the current generation machines.

Techland claims that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were holding back the “core vision of Dying Light,” confirming the cancellation in an update on its official Facebook page.

Much of this ‘next-gen feel’ is tightly connected to the technological side of Dying Light. For instance, up to 200,000 objects can be displayed in the game at once. Add to this our use of realistic, physics-based lighting technology and you really start to push the next-gen systems to the limits. Features like these along with our core gameplay pillars — such as the player-empowering Natural Movement, threefold character development system, and vast open world — are all an inherent part of how Dying Lightplays. However, combining all of these into one fluid experience is only possible on technologically advanced platforms.

Techland apologizes for any inconvenience, but I can’t see too many people getting upset over this. Those of you who were holding off on the new consoles and were waiting to play it on your old ones, I guess you’ll just have upgrade. If you bought a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 this late in the game for the purpose of playing Dying Light though, well, I don’t know what to say.

This will only help the game in its closing months of development.

It seems a little strange that this hasn’t been happening more often. Cross generational releases have been in the cross-hairs all year, but enough time has surely passed for developers to stop holding back next-gen games with previous generation ports. I know Square Enix has scrapped its plans for a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XV, but are there any other high profile cases like this? Or are we just seeing the beginning of the end for the seventh generation?

Either way, Dying Light will be released on Jan. 25, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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