What’s with DC’s fixation on making bad guys the star of its movies? First, it was Deadshot and the rest of the Suicide Squad. Now, DC is giving Dwayne Johnson his own movie as Black Adam, who was originally slated to appear in Shazam.

While Shazam doesn’t yet have a director, a script, or even a star, what it did have is a villain, who is being played by Johnson. Well, DC apparently thought it would be a great idea to split Shazam into two movies, eventually bringing Shazam and Black Adam together in one epic showdown.

Really, it’s no surprise Johnson would get his own standalone movie. He has been attached to play Black Adam for a while now, and since then his star has risen considerably. Not only is he involved in the next Fast and Furious movie, but he’s also slated to appear in Jumanji, Rampage, and the upcoming Baywatch reboot.

So, Johnson’s anti-hero will get a more robust big screen origin. Are we to expect his film to hit before Shazam? That much isn’t clear. We’re not even sure how much needs to be done before a Black Adam movie begins filming.

Either way, the character will soon appear in the DCEU, and maybe even rub shoulders with the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.