Only Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can star in an Apple ad and make it feel like the most important, epic thing ever. After teasing the "biggest, coolest, sexiest" movie over the weekend, Apple on Monday released a video that stars Johnson and his best pal Siri.

To be fair, the video isn't much different compared to Apple's other excellent ads. This one, however, rides on the back of Johnson's undeniable (and unending) charisma, which has made him arguably the world's biggest star.

The ad shows Johnson utilizing Siri's many different talents, including showing Johnson his life goals, calendar of events, and more. Among his goals, by the way, includes taking the world's best selfie, learning an instrument, and reaching enlightenment.

What's a little odd about the ad is that Apple is promoting Siri hard ahead of iOS 11, which will include a major upgrade to Siri's capabilities. You'd think Apple would save this ad until the software hits. But, who knows, perhaps the Cupertino company has a sequel planned for when the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 are available this fall.

Check out the nearly four-minute "movie" above.