Dust: An Elysian Tail has broken free from the chains of Xbox Live Arcade and has finally clawed its way onto Steam. For the first week of availability, you can also purchase it for 10 percent off the normal price, making it $13.50 on release.

Although it was already the best reviewed game during an abysmal 2013 Xbox Live Summer of Arcade event, Dust: An Elysian Tail has only expanded its fanbase ever since, thanks to positive word of mouth and an underdog development story.

Creator Dean Dodrill expected the game would only take three months to finish, but he ended up putting three and a half years of his life into this project. Much of the project came from his hands alone. The details in the animation and backgrounds make it more that obvious that this is a game which had a lot of care and devotion put into it.

Another game from last year's Summer of Arcade, Deadlight, wasn't so fortunate during its initial run on the Xbox Live Arcade, but found its way to a much more embracing PC crowd.