Dust elysian

Is Microsoft catching on with how this whole free game thing works? Give people games they haven’t played yet and actually might want to play, and they just might join along. It did a good job in both March and April, and this month also has a pretty decent offering.

First up is the indie game of the month, Dust: An Elysian Tail. I’ve written about this gorgeous gem many many times over the years, but it is still just as fun and beautiful was it was back when it first released back in 2010. It’s only that much more impressive since it was created by just one man, and it’s nothing short of stealing if you get this for free.


The second half of the month will see a familiar big-budget title that maybe a few people haven’t played yet. Saints Row: The Third isn’t the most recent game in the series, and I know it’s already been available for free on the PlayStation 3, but this is a series that everyone should at least jump into once. It’s irreverent roasting of video gaming’s worst trends paints it as the bad-boy of the industry, but under the low-brow sense of humor is still a really solid shooting sandbox game.

Great job, Microsoft. Thanks for listening to our suggestions. Let’s see the quality titles keep rolling in please.