Apple’s original iPhone is now over ten years old. Its lasting impact on the computing and smartphone worlds has been talked about ad nauseam, so we won’t go there today. What doesn’t typically get talked about is how impeccably built the iPhone was.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who has made a habit of testing out smartphone durability, did a throwback video that features the original iPhone. Spoiler alert: It’s impressively durable, even today.

JerryRigEverything goes through his usual tests, starting off with the front glass. The iPhone was the first device to use Gorilla Glass, which has become stronger over the years. Every device that is tested out today usually don’t scratch with the Mohs picks until a level 6. The iPhone started showing minor scratches at a level 5, which is to be expected.

Moving on to the back, the iPhone featured the awkward two-tone look of aluminum and plastic to make way for the antennas. The antenna part scratches quite easily, and so does the aluminum, but it is full-grade aluminum and not a cheap coating.

Apple’s decision to put the chrome band around the display was not without reason. It proved to be more durable and scratch-resistant than the aluminum on the back. The move was also made in part to protect the front display and help with aging. During the flame test, the IPS display lasted 20 seconds before the pixels started turning black, but slowly recovered, showing no lasting signs of wear.

Proceeding to the bend test, the original iPhone passed with flying colors. There was absolutely no give in the device’s thick frame.

The only major fault JerryRigEverything found with the first-ever iPhone was the plastic camera lens that scratched quite easily. Aside from that, the rest of the phone is built like a tank.