In the near future you’ll be able to go anywhere without carrying along the wires and plugs that power your phone. Instead, you’ll simply place your device on a nearby countertop and watch it recharge like magic.

That’s the vision laid out by DuPont global business manager David Walter, who presented the company’s new Corian® Charging Surface during the 2015 NeoConvergence (NeoCon) expo this week. The event, held at a high-end kitchen supply shop and cooking school in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, offered a close-up look at the new technology.

There are a few things that set DuPont’s product apart from the competition, though to be fair there isn’t much competition in this space at the moment.

First, the company offers dual support for both wireless charging standards: Qi and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). It’s also available in a huge variety of colors (110 to be exact), so your Corian® Charging Surface can always match the rest of the room.

We got a chance to try the Corian® Charging Surface out for ourselves and came away pretty impressed. Samsung’s Galaxy S6, which comes with wireless charging support built right in, started charging as soon we placed it on the surface. Our iPhone 6 Plus worked just as well, though it needed some support from a Powermat ring, which connects using your phone’s regular charging port.

DuPont is offering its wireless charging surface for both regular and enterprise consumers. For a couple hundred dollars (plus the cost of construction) you can have a wireless charging station built into your own kitchen counter. That means you can wake up, walk into the kitchen and place your phone right on the counter to charge while you prepare breakfast. And just imagine how useful it will be during large get-togethers; friends will no longer have to go hunting for outlets. I would love to have these counters in my personal kitchen for charging devices, though perhaps not in my current rental apartment. Maybe one day though, when I have my own house.

It might not be cheap, but if it means leaving our cables and plugs at home for good, then it’s worth the cost.

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