Things are heating up yet again in the realm of iPhone leaks as a new set of images have appeared that claim to show off a dummy version of the iPhone 8.

Over the weekend, Twitter user Benjamin Geskin posted a series of images to his account showing off what he claims to be a “CNC model according to Foxconn” of the iPhone 8. There are no supporting materials to back up the claim, so we will have to take the information at face value. What is shown off is intriguing, but, yet differs from other schematics and parts that have been seen thus far.

The front of this purported iPhone 8 shows off an edge-to-edge screen area with no discernable bezels. The back of the device keeps the vertical dual-lens camera that pretty much every rumor agrees on, but it is lacking the Touch ID sensor that some other leaks have shown off. There is no logo present, but that isn’t a giant red flag at the moment because we don’t know from which point in the prototype process this unit may have been pulled from.

Geskin went on to post that his source, an unnamed individual with ties to Foxconn, had informed him that the iPhone 8 will have a similar thickness to the current iPhone 7. Additionally, he said the metal edges will be finished in a “Space Black” color.

You will also find two schematics in the gallery above that Geskin shared the are reportedly based on blueprints. One shows off the exterior of the iPhone 8 while the other shows the layout of the internal components.

Expect the hits to keep on coming

Some rumors say Apple is testing as many as 10 different designs right now for the iPhone 8. If true, then don’t be surprised if we see a lot more of these types of images in the coming months. Traditionally September is when Apple debuts its latest phone, and that’s still a mighty long time from now.