There are smartphones. There are “dumb” phones. And then there’s this: straight out of the U.K., the stunningly simplistic OwnFone.

Talk about “dumb, but cute”: Not only does this slim little charmer forego a display, but there isn’t even a dialpad to flummox fingers — just a set of customized buttons for specific contacts (from two up to 12). Customers designate the numbers and a few design choices at the time of ordering, and the company makes each phone and ships it preprogrammed for immediate use.

Thank goodness that cell and landline numbers don’t change as often as they used to (huzzah, number portability!), as users can’t change their own settings. Contacts can only be added or updated by contacting tech support and asking them to reprogram and then ship out new faceplate facades.

The obvious market for this type of product are children, technophobic seniors and others who find modern cell phones complicated or have a limited scope of calls. And it’s priced at a very affordable $87 USD, with no long-term contract. (The latest model of the senior-courting Jitterbug feature phone is going for $99 these days, plus service.) Too bad the U.K.’s the only place to pick one of these up right now. If this super-portable cellular trinket ever opens up abroad, it could hop the playground and retirement home to become the hot little cheapo charmer on the worldwide novelty and giftable circuit.

For more, check out the video below or hit up the company at the source link.

[Via Dvice, source OwnFone]