A truly bizarre story has come out of—where else?—Florida involving the police, drugs, and a suspect attempting to flee on a hoverboard.

According to a report filed in Clearwater, Florida, officers were investigating an area known for its drug activity when a suspect was approached. Realizing police were in the area, a man said to be reeking of illegal substances attempted to flee. But, rather than use his own two feet, he tried getting away on a hoverboard. Of course, by hoverboard, we mean one of these things:

Hoverboard Race Thumb

The world of tech is truly, truly, unsurprisingly weird.

The suspect, as you might have guessed, was apprehended before he could make his escape. Either these cops were Olympic sprinters or hoverboards don’t make for very good getaway vehicles—not that we’d encourage anyone to run from the cops.

I guess if you have to be “famous” for something, why not be that guy who tried running from the cops on a hoverboard. Guess he forgot that hoverboards don’t work on [Clear]water.

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