Ever walk down the Promenade in Santa Monica and stop in the Tesla store? It’s basically just a Tesla Model S sitting in the middle of the store, with information on how to buy one and that sort of stuff spread around. Really, most of these Tesla showrooms are boxes with a red wall and a sign that says Tesla. One dude decided to create the same effect in his garage.

In the 33 minute video below (a little long, but it serves as a how-to video in case you want to do the same thing at home), YouTuber “DÆrik” walks us through the steps, from choosing the red paint color (a special combo from Benjamin Moore paints), to tracing the Tesla logo on wood using a projector to help make the perfect lines. In the end, the garage looks pretty much like a Tesla showroom.

Neat, a bit weird, but fun. My garage is full of yard tools, and I kind of prefer it that way. If you want yours to be a bit more luxurious, then DÆrik has just the trick. Watch the video below: