Toshiba Chromebook

Own an old computer that’s just lying around? Don’t chuck it out just yet.

Neverware, a New York City startup, has introduced an update to its CloudReady software that will allow Windows users to dual-boot Chromium OS. If you’ve ever been curious to give Google’s operating system a try, this is your best bet. The software is free for individual users.

As noted by TheVerge, the experience is pretty much indistinguishable from Chrome, which means the experience is designed around Google’s browser. The Verge’s Ben Popper said he has been using CloudReady’s software on a six-year-old Windows laptop, and it has worked without issue. Neverware is actually helping schools refurbish old computers with CloudReady, turning unusable devices into speedy productivity machines.

I have an old MacBook at home that’s just collecting dust, so I’m eager to give Neverware’s software a try. The battery isn’t so great, but if CloudReady can make the machine feel fresh, I might finally start using the laptop again.