Although 3D is still trying to grasp at the market, it seams the audio folks at DTS are already ready to up your home theatre experience to the next level. Taking the standard 7.1 channel audio and adding in a few speakers, and some killer processing, Neo:X devices will surely change how we think about sound.

The technology will make your 7.1 channel home theatre obsolete by adding 4 speakers to the setup. Two speakers are added to the front of the room and another pair are set between the median of the sound field and the front of the room. This new arrangement will give a more immersive sound by allowing for even more ambient noise to be directed to the back four speakers. This leaves more room for all the bangs, booms and yells of your favorite movie, and, even more, it will allow for vertical planes of sound. That means when a plane flies overhead in a movie, it will truly sound like it’s above you.

DTS Neo:X will also be backwards compatible meaning that the technology will upscale your 2.0/5.1/6.1/7.1/9.1 system and allow for more immersive sounds using a single processing algorithm.  Neo:X will have 32 preset input/output combinations built into the technology, with specific settings for Cinema, Gaming and Music.

DTS Neo:X is set to hit Home Theatre systems by the Second Quarter of 2011 and I for one can’t wait to here what it sounds like.

What do you think? Are you ready to throw 11 speakers into your living room? Does this technology seem like something you would want to have. Tell us in the comments below