The world of eSports is about to get a little more serious: competitors will soon be tested for drug use.

Last week, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports competitor Kory “Semphis” Friesen told the world that “everybody” at eSports competitions takes Adderall. The drug, meant to treat ADHD, increases focus and concentration while keeping users from being tired.

It’s a performance enhancing drug, essentially, and Friessen explained that everyone at events is taking it.

“I don’t even care…

…We were all on Adderall. I don’t even give a ****. It was pretty obvious if you listened to the comms. People can hate it or whatever.”

As a result of that exchange, the ESL (the Electronic Sports League, one of the largest gaming leagues) has announced that they will begin testing competitors for drug use before tournaments. This begins in August.

The ESL is using the same agencies that work with the Olympics and cycling to test athletes for drug use.

Friesen spoke with The New York Times about using Adderall at competitions after the ESL made this announcement. “You don’t just take Adderall and instantly become better,” he explained. The story cites that competitions are loud, noisy events, and Friesen offered that the drugs might help with shooting in-game but not with taking directions.

As for Friesen’s team, Cloud9? Owner Jack Etienne said, “We don’t agree with Kory’s statements about Cloud9, and don’t condone the use of Adderall unless it was prescribed for medical reasons. The team is willing to submit themselves to drug tests prior to events if event organizers offer them.”

Good thing the team is willing to take drug tests. It sounds like their going to become mandatory.