Now there’s a whole new meaning to “keeping tabs” on someone. Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday to announce Tabs, a new sensor designed to work with the company’s line of security cameras. The small sensors ship this summer for $29.99 each, though you can pre-order Tabs now through the company’s website.

Dropcam Tabs connect to your DropCam Pro via Bluetooth LE to track activity around the house. You could potentially place one at your front gate and receive notifications on your smartphone whenever someone approaches your house, or even use a Tab to keep an eye on valuable objects. Duffy even recommends giving one to a child who’s still too young to own their own smartphone.

The company also announced a new feature for its series of Dropcam cameras that lets them identify humans. The software update could send you an alert during the middle of the day if someone enters your house, but won’t bug you with notifications if your pets get a little restless. It’s a significant improvement over Dropcam’s current software that should provide even more piece of mind to homeowners.

With today’s announcement Dropcam is transitioning from a live-streaming surveillance camera to a fully formed home monitoring system. The combination of tiny Tab sensors and human-recognition software should make it easy for anyone to keep an eye on their entire home from afar with a smartphone. Duffy says the company has even more plans for the future, and we can’t wait to see what Dropcam announces next.