dropbox-featuredDropbox on Tuesday announced that in just five short years the cloud-based service has reached 100 million users. The company released a short post on its blog describing the service's humble beginnings — outlining just far it has come in the last few years — and the difference Dropbox makes to users every single day.

The burgeoning service has grown tremendously by offering up free storage through certain Android devices, and also by giving Pro Users twice the space without raising cost. It's incentives like these that have helped Dropbox remain relevant among services like Google Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc. In fact, Dropbox founder Drew Houston believes the competitors are still well behind.

The company is currently asking for user Dropbox stories in celebration of the incredible stat, where 100 users will get 10 GB for life, and the top ten will get an amazing 100 GB.

[via Dropbox]