Last year, Dropbox introduced some handy integration with Microsoft Office. Now the company is taking things a step further. It announced a big new update on Tuesday with additional functionality, though the most exciting feature isn’t available yet.

A few weeks from now you’ll be able to create a file from inside Dropbox by simply tapping the new “Create document” button and picking between Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once you’re done, your work will be saved automatically into whatever Dropbox folder you were in at the time. You’ll then be able to reopen that file on any other device, like your computer.

In the meantime, the updated app also adds a new tab for Recent files, making it easy to find whatever you were working on with just a few quick taps. Additionally, Dropbox for iOS is getting the ability to add comments. You can even share your notes with someone by tagging them with an @ symbol followed by their name or email.

The big news here is document creation, which could also be hinting at the company’s larger plans. Last month, a new service called Dropbox Composer leaked online, showing the company’s interest in creating its own word processor, among other new features. Dropbox eventually confirmed it was working on the new service, though it’s still just one of several in-house experiments.

For now you can download the updated version of Dropbox for iOS via the App Store link below, and check back in a few weeks once the company rolls out its new document creation feature.