Dropbox is building upon its current storage model, giving users who use the service more flexibility when viewing documents and photos. The updates won't be available to everyone outright—wait a few months—but when they do hit, you'll be able to preview PDF and Office files (no Excel, though), and your photos will be organized by specific time, like days or months.

On the Web side of things, the update will allow users to see all their photos in one single view, regardless of what folders those pictures are in across your Dropbox. By doing this, Dropbox is making it simpler to share specific photos through Facebook, Twitter and email. Additionally, users can create virtual photo albums to share—The Verge said whichever photos you share will still persist in that album even if you move them.

As for documents, Dropbox users will be able to preview PDF, Doc, Docx and Powerpoint files so you can more easily pick and choose what's important. Dropbox said the change is in response to how the company views the cloud. Rather than treating a user's files as just that, Dropbox now thinks of stuff as "users' content."

If you want to give the photo aspect a try, it's actually available on Android already, with an iOS update to come shortly. As for what you see on the desktop, document previews and the new photo organization should roll out soon.