I tend to be a little rough on my phones (and my gadgets in general) and have successfully cracked the screen of every iPhone I have ever owned through some sort of usual string of events that ends in the phone being thrown across a crowded room, dropped off the side of a moving car, or most recently tossed haphazardly onto my front porch while opening my front door in just the right spot so it hit the one rock on my porch going down, shattering the screen.

While a lot of my mishaps could have been prevented by actually using a case (I wasn't in any instance where I broke the phone), accidents do happen (quite often if you happen to be me).

Now, Apple has a special Apple Care designed just for clumsy iPhone owners like myself.

Called AppleCare+, the new service covers your phone for 2 years from the purchase date with tech support and replacement support for anything you might do to it – including two instances of "accidental damage due to handling."

If you have to redeem your AppleCare for tossing your iPhone off the roof of a building, a replacement will run you $49. $49, however, is a substantial discount from what you might pay without the service, or even to just get your iPhone screen replaced at a phone repair place (which runs $100 in my neck of the woods).

"Accidental damage due to handling" could also cover damage like tossing your phone into a lake (or toilet), which will often leave the phone permanently destroyed.

If I decide to get the iPhone 4S (I'm still on the fence right now) AppleCare+ is certainly something I'm going to consider, given my phone-abusing past.

What do you think? Is it worth $99?