The iPhone X is a gorgeous device. It is definitely the best-looking iPhone Apple has ever made, but it’s also the most fragile.

In an expansive round of drop tests, CNET discovered that the iPhone X is the most fragile iPhone to date, due to it breaking comically easy. The first drop test was a simple three-foot drop test, and it was enough to break the back glass. Going deeper into further tests just shattered the glass more.

This is not the best news if you own an iPhone X. It’s already expensive as it is ($1,000), and replacing the shattered front display will cost you a hefty $279. And that’s cheap when you consider other repairs. If you break the back glass, you’ll have to replace the entire chassis, raising the repair price to $549.

At that point, you’ll be best off splurging on the $199 iPhone X Apple Care plan. But the best quick solution will be to just buy a case and protect your purchase.

The test results for the iPhone X are quite surprising given Apple went to great lengths to market the durability of the glass on the iPhone 8. It seems the durability does not extend to the pricier iPhone X.

All of this is to say that the iPhone X is not durable at all. It’s an expensive phone that is not meant to survive drops of any degree. If you opt to go case-less with your iPhone X, we give you a fair warning: If you drop it, it will likely break.