Jawbone on Wednesday released DROP by Jawbone, a new iPhone application that begs to be “your personal DJ for every moment.” The app takes advantage of new Twitter tools that were also announced Wednesday, and allows your friends to contribute to a music playlist.

DROP requires a premium Spotify or Rdio subscription and automatically builds a mix that plays your “favorite songs” from either app. You can quickly swipe up to dismiss a song, choose from recommended songs and, if you connect your Twitter account, your friends can send in song requests. There’s also an option to search, if you swipe down on the screen, and to queue up songs to play next.

We tested DROP briefly and the design is compelling. We also like the option for friends to send in requests through Twitter. As for its ability to automatically play our favorite songs? It doesn’t seem to be playing all starred items, and instead plays similar music, which has so far been hit or miss. That may just be Spotify’s music engine, however.

Hit the source to download DROP for your iPhone now.